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Unmatched Capacity and Performance!

84-D Potato Seed Cutter

The 84-D potato seed cutter is the newest addition to Milestone's cutter lineup and represents the ultimate example of capacity, technology and raw performance!


  • Capacity: 650 cwt/hr, 29 t/hr.
  • The 84" Potato Seed Cutter was unveiled in 2013 and has been in full scale production since 2014.
  • New materials, systems and manufacturing processes had to be sourced/developed in order for the 84-D to become a reality.

Unique Features

  • High Grade Belting (Improved Tracking and Wear)
  • Full Width One-Drop and Inspection Belts (Cleaner Operation)
  • Stainless Steel Blades (Cleaner Cut, Corrosion Resistant)
  • Milestone Quick Adjust Sizing System (Accurate Sizing, Easy to Adjust)
  • Milestone Sizing Star (Accurate Sizing, Gentle on Potatoes)
  • Milestone Progressive Table (Proper Potato Alignment to Blades, Reduced Chance for Contamination)
  • Smart Coulter Adjust (Accurate Blade Position Adjustment, Easy to Adjust)
  • Hydraulic Elevator/Inspection Belts Speed Control (Easy to Adjust, Improved Capacity/Control)
  • Quick Adjust Pre-Sizer (Accurate Sizing, Easy to Use)
  • Quick Adjust Trim Section (Improved Control of Trim Elimination, Easy to Use, Accurate)
  • Side Chain Timing Sensors (Reduces Maintenance Costs and Prevents Break Downs)
  • Baffled Drops/Transitions (Bruise and Damage Protection for Potatoes)
  • Belt Lifter (Easily Break Frozen Belt Lose From Rails)  
  • Poly Belt Drive (Ultra Quite Operation)  
  • Food Grade Hydraulic Oil (Helps Meet Food Safety Standards)

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