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Debris Elimination Systems

All systems can function individually or in combination with other systems, depending on your Sizer/Eliminator configuration. Check with your Milestone representative to determine what will work for your operation.


Milestone Debris Table

  • High Capacity
  • Gentle on Potatoes
  • Easy Maintenance
  • 2 or 3 Pipe Elimination Points
  • Efficiently Spreads Flow of Potatoes
  • Hydraulic  Adjustment of Elimination Points
  • Multipurpose Table that Excels in the Elimination of Clods, Stones, and Corn Roots


Clod Hopper

  • Hydraulic Drum Position  Adjustment
  • Flip Divider for Easy Cleaning
  • Gently Deflects Potatoes as Stones/Clods Fall Into Trash


Reverse Roll Table

  • More  Aggressive Than Traditional Star Table
  • Placed at a Decline to Reduce Potato Damage
  • High Capacity
  • Adjustment Throughout Table
  • Multipurpose Table that Excels in the Elimination of Organic Materials


Peg Belt Deviner

  • Quiet Operating Blower Increases Peg Belt Efficiency
  • High Capacity
  • Works well on Both Dry and Wet Vines


Milestone Dirt Star Table

  • Milestone Dirt Star
  • Gentle on Potatoes
  • Easy Maintenance
  • High Capacity
  • Optional Pipe Roller for Spreading/Increased Elimination
  • Multipurpose Table that Excels in the Elimination of Dirt,  Small Clods and Stones

Systems/Designs Used to Improve Elimination Effectiveness

All Trash Elimination Systems are made more efficient when Milestone AutoSpeed is utilized.  AutoSpeed automatically adjusts belt and table speeds to keep one layer of potatoes moving across the machine; greatly increasing trash elimination and sizing accuracy!

Milestone’s innovative design blends entire flow of potatoes back to a single inspection table before leaving the machine. This means that after potatoes have been cleaned, there is no need for additional conveyor lines to bring all cleaned potatoes back together. Several elimination systems are available with Blend Back configuration.

The Milestone Sizing Star significantly improves the effectiveness of various elimination systems; especially the Clod Hopper. By accurately sizing out the portion of potatoes that bounce most consistently as well as contain the largest number of foreign debris, the Milestone Star makes the Clod Hopper more efficient by not overwhelming the Clod Hopper. 

The Variable speed shaker is designed to gently agitate the flow of potatoes in the elevator, accomplishing two things. First, the gentle wave-like motion helps sift out dirt from the flow of potatoes. Second, the agitation effectively helps spread the flow of potatoes to a single layer before reaching the trash and sizing tables, significantly increasing the machine’s accuracy and cleaning ability.  

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